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We seek to build the resilience of people and the planet

Our approach

At Macdoch Foundation we make bold interventions promote leadership support collaboration embrace learning

We engage the best thinkers and leaders to shape our work

Janna de Groot

Advisor, Climateworks Centre
"The Natural Capital Investment Initiative is developing a common set of measures for natural capital and encouraging public and private financial incentives for land managers to measure and improve their natural capital."

Eli Court

CEO, Soils For LIfe
"Soils for Life is Australia's leading national non-profit supporting Australian farmers to regenerate soils, for resilient businesses, landscapes and communities. Soils for Life has promoted farmer-led soil regeneration, and put soil on the national agenda, and now we are turning our attention to driving practical on-farm action by supporting the next wave of farmer soil stewards."

Melissa Malu

Australian Museum, Pasifika Gallery
"The Pasifika Gallery will be a focal point of Indigenous Pasifika storytelling and connection. Agency to tell our stories is rewarding and provides a sense of belonging"

Rebecca Burgess

Executive Difrector, Fibershed
"Fibershed works with producers representing 180,000 acres of ranch and farmland; these are landscapes producing our fiber, food and other material culture. We’re working on regenerating those landscapes through carbon farm implementation and rebuilding local manufacturing to decentralize our textile systems."

Macdoch Foundation
makes grants and delivers programs to achieve its impact.

Depending on the intervention required Macdoch Foundation works with partners to find the best solution.

Our Approach

Our Grants

Macdoch Foundation works in Australia and the USA to learn, share and generate momentum for the conservation of landscapes and climate change solutions, with people at the heart.

Some of the programs and partners we are proud to work with