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Our approach

Macdoch Foundation is a philanthropic foundation that tackles complex, entrenched challenges to drive significant shifts in relation to landscape regeneration, climate change solutions and healthy communities.

Bold Interventions

macdoch foundation seeks ambitious, exponential change
We make bold interventions, intending to go beyond change-as-usual. Our interventions will be targeted, solutions-focused, underpinned by a sense of optimism about the future.


macdoch foundation seeks to lead and influence
We seek to be thought-leaders where possible, and not shy away from problems that appear too hard to solve. We aim to fill critical gaps in the system and inspire innovation.


macdoch foundation seeks ‘outsize’ impact
We work with partners in Australia and internationally, across disciplines and sectors, to achieve catalytic action or impact at scale. We bring our independence and integrity to bear on all our work.


macdoch foundation has a culture of learning
We listen deeply. Our approach will be courageous, iterative, generous and humble. We prize the wisdom and culture of Indigenous peoples, and recognise their rightful place on the lands on which we live and work.